Wholesale Meat Suppliers



Since 1977, Corries Meats have been supplying premium fresh meat to the food industry throughout Northern Ireland and pride themselves on ensuring only the finest quality meat leaves the manufacturing premises at ‘The Farm’ on the Newtownards peninsula.


Supplying over 100 customers ranging from Hotels, Chinese restaurants, Nursing Homes to Fast Food Restaurants, we pride ourselves in the ability to provide our customers with the personal service required in todays marketplace. We can produce any cut of meat to the spec of the customers requirements to provide that much needed versatility customers require from time to time.


Customers also need assurances that they know where their meat comes from and that it is manufactured in the correct way and in the correct environment. Buying meat from Corries gives you that assurance with the factory’s 5 star rating and EC approval.


If you require further information on our wholesale business, please contact us on the details below and we will be happy to assist you:


Corries on the Farm
Drumhilla Farm
13 Crossnamuckley Road
Co. Down
Northern Ireland
BT22 2AA


Telephone: 028 9181 2297

Email: will@corriesmeats.co.uk