Our hands-on butchery classes are designed to take students back to basics, to give a good grounding in traditional butchery skills and teach you what to look for when buying meat. You will gain valuable cooking tips on how to get the most from each cut. At only £75 per person it makes the perfect gift for meat enthusiasts and keen cooks who want to get stuck in and pick up a new skill.

Ideal for birthdays, Christmas gifts, stag nights and team building.


Email Julie@corriesmeats.co.uk OR phone 07875068468
  • BEEF


    You’ll begin by learning all about our meat and what to look for when buying. The class will also cover the carrying, cutting and preparing your joints. Then it’s down to butchery – the class will mainly focus on the hefty centre part where the sirloin, rump, forerib and fillet are found. You will finish by slicing your own steak to take home.

  • lamb

    Lamb is probably the most seasonal meat we sell. The butchers will break down a whole carcass in front of the class, explaining the cuts and how to cook them as they go – then make you put it back together again. Once you’ve finished with the lamb jigsaw, you’ll be shown how to bone out and roll a shoulder of lamb.

  • sausage

    This is probably the most hands on, our butchers will tell you what exactly goes into a good sausage. you will prepare the meat to go into the mincer and then choose your own flavour for the sausages, before having a lot of fun handling the powerful sausage filler. If you manage that, then you’ll go on to learn how to link your bangers like a pro, ready to take home.