Armagh Bramley Apple

Armagh Bramley Apples create this Balsamic infusion. The rounded acidity of the apples coupled with the sweet Balsamic make this a winning combination.


  • Excellent as a salad dressing on its own, mix with olive oil or Rosemary and Garlic Broighter Gold Rapeseed oil.
  • Sprinkle over a salad Nicoise.
  • Delicious with any pork dish – add it to a casserole or use it in a marinade.
  • Marinade a butterflied leg of lamb for a barbecue.
  • Drizzle over roasting veg half way through the cooking to caramelize and flavour.
  • Dress up a chick pea, red onion and tomato salad,
  • or a butterbean stew.
  • Add into apple crumble for extra flavour.
  • Drizzle over cheese on toast.